SMARTtorque™ S609C (without light)

฿13,500.00 ฿10,800.00

Non-optic standard head
with 16 watts of power  
– 400,000 rpm
– 30 N chuck strength
– 4-port spray for optimal cooling
– MULTIflex coupling system
– Push-button auto-chuck
– 3rd generation cellular optics
– 4-hole standard connection
– Use at minimum drive air
pressure 30 psi (2.1 bar)
1-year warranty

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Overview Affordable KaVo quality
- Solid basic equipment, KaVo quality at a low price
- Five different models / price versions of the SMARTtorque
- Low price for entry into the KaVo world of dental excellence
- 12 months warranty
- High torque and perfect cooling spray for rapid, efficient preparation
KaVo safety standards, such as a chuck retention force up to 30N
KaVo SMARTtorque – KaVo Standards at a modest price.
The temperature is always right. The four-port spray emits a fine mist of spray, ensuring that the instrument is always optimally cooled – right up to the bur tip (Mini version: single jet spray).
Two head sizes
Two head sizes
Safe, unimpeded access to all quadrants in the buccal cavity, thanks to ideal head sizes:
Head: 14.5 mm (Mini version: 12.3 mm)
Head diameter: 12.5 mm (Mini version: 10.8 mm)
Ease of use
Ease of use
Securely held bur or instrument, thanks to the KaVo chucking system, with up to 30 N chuck retention force – no loosening or slipping of the rotating instrument.
As clean as a whistle. KaVo instruments can be washed (in a Miele thermodinsinfector) and sterilised at up to 135°C in autoclaves.
Power output
Power output
Efficient and fast preparation thanks to 16 Watt output of Standard version (Mini version: 12 Watt).
Service life
Service life
KaVo cartridges with ceramic bearings, for standard and miniature headed turbines.
MULTIflex coupling
MULTIflex coupling
Complete compatibility. SMARTtorque is compatible with all couplings of the KaVo MULTIflex systems, which means that it can be used with any treatment unit.

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